Machine Park

Tecnoingranaggi produces mechanical gearing for many different applications.

Tecnoingranaggi works as a subcontractor carrying out some specific operations on behalf of other companies and produce complete products as per drawing.

Tecnoingranaggi can offer a wide range of finished products from small gears to trains of cogwheels. We provide makers of tools, reducers, agricultural machines and earth-moving machines with some of the parts they need, automotive.

sala metallografica

sala metallografica

Metrology Room
Klingelnberg P40
M.M. Zeiss Prismo 5 HTG
M.M. Johansson 07
Taylor Hobson roundness meters - Talyrond 365
Optical Gage Mitutoyo
PJA 3000
Ernst durometer
Taylor Hobson roughness meters - Talysurf Intra Alpha RT-30 roughness meters
SNY3 wheelbase meter
Demm Pri 500 gear rolling instrument

Metallography Room
Spectrometer Spectro TX025
Metkon microhardness tester
Leitz metallographic microscope
Magnetoscope inspector Magneticontrol AC-DC SM 600
Ultrasonic inspector Sonatest Sitescan  D10+ e D-20+
Magnetic particle test
Burning test room

Gear hobber
Liebherr LC180 CN
Liebherr LC 380 CN N° 2
Liebherr LC 500 CN
Pfauter PA 320 CN
Pfauter PA 300
Pfauter P    900
Pfauter P    630 N° 2
Pfauter P    400 N° 6
Pfauter P    160 N° 3
Churchill S 815 N°3
  Gear shapers
Liebherr LFS 380
Lorenz LS 400         N° 3
Lorenz LS 200±10°
Lorenz S8-630        N° 2
Lorenz SNJ-5           N° 4
Lorenz S7-1000
Lorenz SJ-7             N° 2
Lorenz SJ-00           N° 2
Sykes CN                 N° 3
Tos OH-50
Demm 500


Varinelli 25 Ton x 1600
Varinelli 10 Ton x 1320

Chamfering Machines

Deburring, brusching and stamping Robot
Cross Rounding
Hurth ZK 10 Chamfering

Grinding machines
Samputensili G500H
Samputensili S375G n°3
Samputensili S 375 internal toothing grinding machine
Reishauer RZ 260 with ring loader
Studer S33
Reinecker    int.
Ribon int.
Tacchella     est.
Churchill      est.
Favretto       tang.
Delta            lap.
Sunnen Honing SV1010 C.N.
  Sheaving machines
Hurth ZSA 320
Hurth ZSA 220


Klingelnberg AGW 230
Klingelnberg GW 30
Mico-Collette AO15DH

General machine shop
Okuma LB400-M lathe
Okuma LB300-M lathe
Okuma LB300 lathe
Doosan PUMA280-M lathe
Doosan PUMA HT250 twin splinde turning center
Doosan DMN500
Ursus CMT 250 Plus Horizontal lathe
Tovaglieri lathe
Forte band hacksaw
Cams 300 slotting machine
Cabe 200 slotting machine
Secmu milling machine
MPM burring machine
Pre-pen band stamping machines

Washing machines
8m x 1m tunnel - h 0,50
Washer with rotating drum
1mx1m - h 0,80

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